Pam Mandel and Seattle’s secret piles of pot


Veteran blogger and outspoken travel advocate Pam Mandel (@NerdsEyeView) chats about people-watching in Waikiki, why road trips are the best travel (hint: stopping for pie), telling truth to tourism outlets, and lusting after Cambodian monks. (Episode contains adult language and content.)

Guest bio: Pam Mandel started her NerdsEyeView blog in 1997 when blogging was still the Wild West, and she describes herself as a “freelance writer, C-list rock star, uke player, cake eater.” Her travel stories have won awards and have been published in major media outlets, as well as in a number of travel anthologies. She’s interviewed Canadian astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield, and two astronauts have responded to her on Twitter — from space. She is driven by “the educational, diplomatic, political, and historical nature of traveling.” She most recently co-founded The Statesider, a site that focuses on U.S. travel. Follow her on: InstagramTwitterFacebook, and at Follow her dog Harley at @pupseyeview on Instagram.

Host: Spud Hilton (@spudhilton)

Episode co-host: Ann Head Hilton

Location: Spud’s room, the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, Seattle.

Theme music: “Camelboots,” by 84 Rooms (1982)

2 Replies to “Pam Mandel and Seattle’s secret piles of pot”

  1. Microphones for Ann & Pam were at a totally different level than Spud’s. When they were at a good volume I couldn’t hear Spud. My phone had to be on max volume to hear Spud!

    1. Thanks for the note, Karen. We definitely had some trouble with a mic. We’ll try to re-edit again to see if that can be fixed. Cheers!

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