Ep. 10: Nora Dunn

Longtime travel blogger and train fanatic Nora Dunn talks about what happens when Eastern medicine goes south, emptying vomit buckets in Peru, the downside to skydiving naked, and why zip-off convertible pants are a sign of the apocalypse. (Episode contains adult language and content.) Co-host: Gary Arndt

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Ep. 9: Afrika America

Drag performer Afrika America brings fun and fabulousness to everything she does — including her day job as a flight attendant. She chats about tragically oblivious passengers, why Chicago is great for cutting loose (Boystown!), being a glutton in New Orleans, and discovering there are African American people in Salt Lake City. (Episode contains adult language and content.) Co-host: Krislyn Hashimoto

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Ep. 8: Matt Kepnes

Longtime blogger, entreprenuer and author Matt Kepnes talks about what life on the road for a decade is really like, missing a flight because of a hangover, why Paris is great for the deadly sin of gluttony, and a failed attempt to sleep through an orgy in Prague. (Episode contains adult language and content.) Host: Spud Hilton

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Ep. 7: Pam Mandel

Veteran blogger and outspoken travel advocate Pam Mandel (@NerdsEyeView) chats about people-watching in Waikiki, why road trips are the best travel (hint: stopping for pie), telling truth to tourism outlets, and lusting after Cambodian monks. (Episode contains adult language and content.) Co-host: Ann Head Hilton

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Ep. 6: Gary Arndt

Gary Arndt (above, left), one of the world’s most popular travel gurus, talks about where to get pork ribs in Tel Aviv, the art of “paleo showering,” his Catholic-suffering approach to air travel, the origin or the “pornstache” and why he would prefer snakes over infants on an airplane. (Episode contains adult language and content.) Co-host: Tasha Hacker

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Ep. 5: Rich Grant

Veteran travel writer and blogger talks about drinking scotch from Coke cups, why the ruins at Pompeii need a bar, how to attract strippers with convention swag, and why Disney’s Star Wars land is better than the Pyramids of Egypt. Host: Spud Hilton

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Ep. 4: Joel Riddell

San Francisco radio and TV travel guru talks about stripping down on the Croatia coast, hunky generals, forbidden love (of Disneyland), kilos of caviar and leaving a butt print at the birthplace of Christ. Yeah, really. Co-host: Molly Blaisdell.

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Ep. 3: Chris McGinnis

Travel blogger and airline expert shares what should be on the plane’s “courtesy video” (after the safety video), how to handle idiot fliers who don’t get it, and what it means if the cabin starts to smell like a nightclub. Co-host: Krislyn Hashimoto.

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Ep. 2: Jill K. Robinson

Globe-trotting travel writer known as @DangerJR (you have to listen to find out why), talks about the role of booze in travel, common drinking mistakes and the proper way to request toplessness in New Orleans. Co-host: Molly Blaisdell.

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Ep. 1: Ernest White II

The travel blogger, TV host and force of nature known as FlyBrother talks about booty calls on the road, the chaos of making a travel show and his favorite spot to indulge in gluttony. Co-host: Krislyn Hashimoto.

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WTF is it with travel podcasts?

“It seems like everyone wants to be serious, sincere, ernest, thoughtful and useful in travel podcasts. There’s nothing wrong with that, but travel is way too fun to ignore the weird, the wild, the messy, the awkward and, yes, the inappropriate moments that happen on the road that, often, make the most memorable travel experiences. At least more so than some ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ crappola that seems to dominate the landscape. Embrace the wild side of travel, and join us.”

— Spud Hilton, host

Spud Hilton, the host of the Inappropriate Traveler travel podcast.

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